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Rediscover Love, Master Your Life

Elevate Your Relationships and Embrace Personal Growth with Our Expert Guidance and Life Coaching Services

Start Now Coaching & Counseling is your dedicated partner on the journey to personal growth and emotional well-being, offering expert guidance, support, and a safe space for positive transformation.

Anita Mathew from Start Now Coaching & Counseling
Anita Mathew from Start Now Coaching & Counseling

Meet Anita Mathews,

Your Guide to Love and Relationship Empowerment

Hello, lovely souls! I'm Anita, your dedicated life coach on a mission to nurture love, inspire growth, and ignite the spark of self-love within each of you.


In the intricate dance of love and relationships, I've made it my purpose to be your compassionate companion. My journey as a life coach is not just a profession; it's an embodiment of kindness, a celebration of self-love, and a commitment to growth.

Meet Eric Mathews,

Your Spiritual Guide & Confidence Coach

I'm Eric, and I'm not just your life coach—I'm your ally in the exhilarating journey of goal setting and spiritual empowerment. With a heart fueled by passion and a mind attuned to the power of meditation, I'm here to guide you toward the life you've always envisioned.


For me, coaching is not a profession; it's a calling. My mission is clear: to empower you in both the mental and spiritual realms, creating a harmonious symphony between your goals and your soul's deepest desires.

Eric Mathew from Start Now Coaching & Counseling
Eric Mathew from Start Now Coaching & Counseling

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In Their Words

As a life coach, Eric listens to me carefully and accompanies me through all those mental process. He guides me to identify the key emotions and components, and to discover solutions or construct plans to manage the problem step by step. Eric is definitely not a commander to increase pressure. He is a true friend to share ups and downs, and figure out ways together when the original plan does not work. During the whole process, Eric offers patience, professional knowledge about psychology, and practical ideas. It a gift to have Eric as my life coach!

Truda L.

Eric is a very peaceful person. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve found clarity and personal growth. A transformative experience that’s worth every moment. I’m so grateful for his positive impact on my life.

Fiorina C.

What a great lesson! I am struggling with my husband and Anita helped me understand how to approach him with his addiction to work. I feel that the techniques she shared are very helpful!

Christine M.

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